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is especialized in AI, Social Search, Digital Preservation and Social Currencies



Centre Easy is as a leader European centre working on funding instruments for innovative companies



Centre Easy renovates original ideas into optimized solutions through innovation.
Is your biz the top dog?



Centre Easy shows tech solutions in order to get the smartcity concept.

Rethinking the present and future of urban growth
This is a key meeting point for experts and leaders of the world's most innovative cities, companies, research centres, universities and international organisations.

Centre Easy participates as a leader European centre working on funding instruments for innovative companies.

In the frame of the Swiss Innovation Forum 2014, innovative companies from Europe, South Korea, Canada and South Africa are invited to network at the EUREKA Innovation Event 2014 on November 19th, 2014

Tourism stakeholders can benefit from EU funding programmes, either directly, via co-financing of projects, or indirectly, via studies or research, surveys, etc. carried out by the Commission through calls for the tourism sector.


  • "Centre Easy helps to drive the international impact of companies, thanks to a global network of contacts and participation in international innovation projects."

    ACCIÓ | Generalitat de Catalunya

  • "El Centre Easy Innova de Girona y la consultora Roca Salvatella trabajan en la creación de un 'software' que automatizaría la labor de los community manager.”

    El Mundo | Press News

  • “Centre Easy is chosen as the local organizer of the XXX edition of the annual Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing will be held during the 17th, 18th, and 19th of September 2014 at the Universitat de Girona (Girona, Spain).”

    SEPLN | Natural Language

  • "Centre Easy is introduced as a partner and expertise at ITEA3 cluster in Amsterdam."

    ITEA 3 Cluster | Amsterdam

  • "RocaSalvatella y el Centro Easy trabajan en un programa que responde a los comentarios de los clientes. La iniciativa, fruto del interés de RocaSalvatella por contribuir en el ámbito de la investigación universitaria."

    RocaSalvatella | Digital Consultancy