Working on the R&Di, artificial intelligence and architectures for multi-agent systems.



Centre Easy fuels the biz development thru software innovation and co-investment.



Tech innovation is, probably, the best added value to be different. Are you really different?



Singapore competition to build unmanned boat

When you think of unmanned vehicles you might think of drones or driverless cars. But how about creating an unmanned boat? That was the task given to engineering students from all over the world competing in a special challenge in Singapore.

Not just about winning.
Teamwork and innovation are the keyfactors that the judges believes will help to develope tech in the future.

UdiGitalEdu us felicitem el curs d'enguany amb aquest superROBOT. Endavant amb el 2015!

En l’acte d’inauguració de curs hi participaran representants del CRAE de Salt, de la FANJAC de Girona, i de les escoles Dalmau Carles i Carme Auguet de Girona, i El Veïnat de Salt.Tots ells han participat en tallers d’UdiGitalEdu en cursos anteriors. També participa en Frank Sabaté, mestre a l’Escola Projecte de Barcelona, que pronunciarà la conferència inaugural “Robots a l’aula. Programar per aprendre”.

Jason Mayes working at Google and Helpout

The lesson
Questions about front end web development?

About to start on your first project but have no idea what to do next? Maybe you are more experienced and just want a 2nd opinion. Let Jason Mayes give you a hand in getting you on your way.

  • "Centre Easy helps to drive the international impact of companies, thanks to a global network of contacts and participation in international innovation projects."

    ACCIÓ | Generalitat de Catalunya

  • "El Centre Easy Innova de Girona y la consultora Roca Salvatella trabajan en la creación de un 'software' que automatizaría la labor de los community manager.”

    El Mundo | Press News

  • “Centre Easy is chosen as the local organizer of the XXX edition of the annual Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing will be held during the 17th, 18th, and 19th of September 2014 at the Universitat de Girona (Girona, Spain).”

    SEPLN | Natural Language

  • "Centre Easy is introduced as a partner and expertise at ITEA3 cluster in Amsterdam."

    ITEA 3 Cluster | Amsterdam

  • "RocaSalvatella y el Centro Easy trabajan en un programa que responde a los comentarios de los clientes. La iniciativa, fruto del interés de RocaSalvatella por contribuir en el ámbito de la investigación universitaria."

    RocaSalvatella | Digital Consultancy